New Zealand Home Sweet Home!

Truly grateful to call Auckland my hometown! Auckland is the biggest city and is located on the north island of New Zealand. (Yes, apparently there are more sheep than people in New Zealand!)

Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
One Tree Hill Domain, Auckland, New Zealand

Manukau Golf Club

My junior golfing days at Manukau golf club.

2002 Hole 4 at Manukau Golf Club
2003 Hole 6 at Manukau Golf Club with Amanda
2014 Pepperdine Graduation with the family

I guess having a happy, functioning and conventional family is too much to ask for. But hey that’s okay! I’m truly grateful for the love and support from both parents and to have a sister to look up to. Over the years our family has somehow spread across different continents: Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe. “Home is where the heart is” right? Glad to call New Zealand my home and have family and friends who keep me grounded wherever I am.

I encourage everyone to visit New Zealand and play some golf too, definitely worth the trip!

Visit: New Zealand
Visit: Manukau Golf Club
Visit: Pakuranga Golf Club

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